Welcome to Articles and Blogs by Matthew Ferguson of Motivation Training

I am extremely passionate about Hypnotherapy and NLP and am the founder of Motivation Training a Hypnotherapy and NLP School in the UK.   I enjoy sharing with others the wonderful world of Hypnotherapy and NLP and hope you enjoy reading some of my Articles/Bogs.   Learn more about me and my work here. To learn more about my Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP courses please visit www.motivationtraining.co.uk.

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If you wish to find the services of a fully qualified Hypnotherapist or NLP Master Practitoner then visit The Motivation Institute where you will find an up to date directory of Therapists in the UK.

Below is a list of articles/blogs that I really hope stimulate your interest in the use of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP and NLP Life Coaching.

What is NLPWhat is Hypnotherapy ?

Using NLP and Self-Hypnosis for Habit Change

Have you ever wanted to change a habit yet just seemed unable to break the pattern. Well just about everyone has so you’re not alone nor are you simply too weak willed. There are innumerable reasons why changing a habit can seem so difficult. Stress response, anchored situations and stimulus are just three possible stumbling blocks to successful habit change. I want to teach you a simple way to help you finally break the pattern of old redundant habits….Continue reading

How NLP and Hypnotherapy can help Manage Stress

Modern life often equals Modern stress, is there any way to manage it? Well, the answer lies in understanding how to handle stress because it cannot be avoided. The stress response is a natural and healthy response to perceived threats, be they physical or psychological. Unrelieved and unnecessary stress is a catastrophe….Continue reading

Using NLP and Hypnosis for Belief Change

Our beliefs are created through our lifetime of absorbed information. This information is sorted through brain filtering; in NLP descriptions, deleting, generalising and distorting the raw data that comes through our senses. Some of our beliefs are sound and obvious, generated through survival and evolution, others are less useful and can be limiting….Continue reading

Hypnosis, NLP and Happiness

There is a lot of talk of happiness these days. The general levels of happiness are becoming an issue and they may even be starting to measure it, which all sounds far too Orwellian for my taste. One of the main pillars of happiness is a sense of self-direction and fulfilment…Continue reading

Using NLP and Hypnosis for Building Confidence

One of the most debilitating states of mind is having a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence may have many origins from early childhood to adult setbacks, divorce, redundancy, negative relationships to name but a few of the negative histories that can keep us held in limiting beliefs…Continue reading

More articles to come – watch this space !


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